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Tree Care & Removal

Tree work is a dangerous task. Hiring the wrong company can be a huge mistake, not only for your property, but for your trees. When you hire Tall Tree, you can expect our certified arborist and team to arrive on time with our impressive fleet of well maintained equipment. Throughout the job, things will be kept as neat and organized as possible. Once our team conducts a thorough plan, we execute the work following all of the ANSI A300 guidelines for safe and productive workplace. Whether it be making the proper pruning cut, to allow for a tree to heal properly, or taking the extra precaution to lay ground protection mats over sensitive areas to reduce the risk of disturbance-you can count on our team to handle your property as if it were their own. From small orchard pruning, to hazardous tree removal, and everything in between, you can count on Tall Tree for a reliable, top of the line service every time.